You are great!

"You are awesome!"
"You are so nice"
"You are this and you are that"
And everything sweet and good...

Whenever I have people around me telling me all things nice, it makes me feel nothing but sad and alone.
And I get that a LOT!

The thing is, I know I am. And I am because I want to be! And when I say even you can be what you admire so much about me, I sense a retraction, like no- I wouldn't want to be that! And then goes the me in me- Why would you then throw empty meaningless words at me? For me? No thanks. I don't need them. I'd rather have you talk about what you truly feel and not "try" to be anything but what you are.

So then, how do we work?
Do we not praise or appreciate each other? (I do have a resistance against "praise" - empty words that are said for formality and come from no real substance)

Though I do love it when I meet people genuine, people passionate with who I can have a decent conversation about things that do matter- to them, to me. And not about all things we have no control of.

I see this is not really going anywhere and it's the most vague thing I've written here but that's how it goes. Rainbow.