(The following is a piece from 'Dharmalok', a gujarati language newspaper that's turning out to be a favorite lately. I may have failed in places to completely express the essence of what is being said and so if anything sounds not-quite-right, the fault would lie at my poor translation skill and kindly enlighten me with the same. I have also come to enjoy the sweetness of this language that somehow seems loaded with nectar like words full of intrinsic meaning; and of course that comes in a way from Sanskrit itself. 
I share this particular piece to share its joyful insights and it very well expresses the essence of a living dedicated to that preciousness that is commonly called god, who has different names and forms for different persons.)

In Conversation:

Sufi fakir Shah Sharaf
Guru Nanak

A fakir you are and yet you wear garments like those of a householder;
And as a hermit, why haven't you got your head shaved?

What's the advantage of shaving the head?
Despite shaving his head if a sage's mind is not reclusive, then it's of no use.
What harm has the hair done, that you need to cut it off?
Truly speaking, it is the mind that is full of desires and defects that needs to be shaved.
Only by being unassuming like soil, can one have a clear and spotless mind.
The man that gives up his ego and humbly surrenders to God;
who relinquishes the luxuries and pleasures of the senses;
who wins over the taste for materialistic comforts;
he is accepted by God no matter what garments he wears.
A fakir's sandal and cap are the knowledge and reclusion that he houses in his soul;
his outer dress does not make a big difference; his state of mind is what makes a difference.
When he wins over his mind, remains steady in either happiness or sorrow,
any attire would be becoming on him.

Okay then tell me what caste do you belong to?

I belong to the caste that fire and air belong to, who treat both friends and enemies in the same manner.
Fire and air do not have any discrimination against anyone;
The same way it is important for a saint also to not have differentiation for people.
That is his true identity.

What is your principle?

My principle is the way of truth.
I only walk on the path of truth. The root of all principles of the world is truth.
Whatever remains the same in every time, every place and every situation; that is the truth.
Whether you say God is Truth or Truth is God; either way it is the same thing.

How do you lead your life?
(my favorite part)

My life is like that of the trees, earth and rivers.
Trees bear the sun's rays and give shade to others and give fruits to those who hit it with stones.
I consider that person truly alive that lives like sandalwood that gets crushed to give fragrance and coolness.
My life is like the earth that despite being trodden upon constantly forgives.
Saints must be steady like the earth and must be full of tolerance and forgiveness.
Just like a river keeps flowing, a saint must keep moving around.
The river doesn't worry over whether anyone is putting flowers in it or sand.
Without caring for anyone's respect or disrespect, I always look towards their well-being.
Just like the river maintains its purity, cleanliness, tenderness and adaptive nature; I maintain my life that way.

Who is a fakir?

The one who lives, yet remains steady like the dead;
The one who is awake, yet remains asleep towards materialistic gains;
who on purpose keeps expending himself;
who doesn't get overcome by anger and doesn't get caught in ego's clutches;
who does not worry at all about the world;
who does not get disturbed by anyone and neither does disturb another;
who always remains absorbed in God and engrossed in the joys of the soul;
who always listens to the inner voice of God and works accordingly;
You may call him dervish or fakir, sage or saint, adorer or devotee; his work & spirit are dedicated to God;
He humbly observes and beholds the all-pervading conscience of the super soul in every person and thing.

Guru Nanak is absolutely right, one does not become a dervish, fakir or saint by just outward appearance and behaviour but only by being complete in inner knowledge, reclusion and true character. True fakiri or saintliness can be attained only the way Guru Nanak has revealed.

Hmm, it sounds pretty rough eh? It is indeed my amateur translation and it's also got to do with the language I believe. Kindly glean the essence and I hope it reveals some magic for you!