People are People

Was born in Muscat
Parents came from Kutch
Got education in Muscat
Through School (Indian School), met people from various parts of India - from families adhering to different religions, coming from different states and having unique personalities speaking different languages - Individuals of all variety
Communicated in English

Moved to Kutch hoping to settle there
Through School, met people who all spoke Kutchi irrespective of the difference in religion or the place they originally came from - Individuals of all variety again
Communicated in Hindi
Barely two years had gone by and the earthquake sends back to Muscat

Back to the same school, a different bunch of people around, people with different builds yet the same energy - the variety of people!
Finished school and through the last two years, had to figure where to go next.
Ended up in Mumbai.

Through College, met people from all sorts of financial backgrounds irrespective of the variety of places they came from, the languages they spoke or the religions they followed Or not.
Three years gone and flew through focussing only on the matter at hand- so many new things to see and to learn!

Then was introduced to the Web and it opened up the world! So very many people from so very many different places and times; with such a variety of experiences and associated thoughts and feelings and the very many ways of expressing them all!

Feeling the need to get some real understanding before finishing college,
Worked. For a year.
At a place where unexpectedly though blessedly, met people from various parts of India and of the World- People speaking different languages, from different geographical and climatic regions, people with different food habits, with different beliefs and experiences and thought processes- Individuals of all kinds!
Communicated through Expression

Having seen so much, read so much and thought so much;
Sure of one thing- People are people.

They may have different tastes, different thoughts, different ways of being and living but in the end what's common among all is that they are people! With their own set of beliefs coming from their own set of experiences -That nothing is fixed.
There's always scope for improvement. Mostly in oneself. No matter the age/sex/financial standing/societal position/profession; what matters is the sharing of the thoughts, the feelings; the moments of care and love expressed irrespective of anything and everything!

In being with the people immediately around you- whether your 'own' or 'strangers'; there's always scope for improvement when there is a listening and a sharing.
And that's how the world changes. Not by going around worrying and badgering what should change in the world but by looking real close at one's own self and see what can change in oneself. There's always ample room for improvement! It's all a matter of scale.
So, there is really no need to take things in your hands and go around bullying change in everyone's faces or there's no need to even pretend to be okay about everything and then behind the back or in the mind, complain about it all but one can simply walk along one's path and express the truth of moments from moment-to-moment, right then and right there instead of carrying the load along until it becomes too heavy to even move a step further or end up loading it on another which is most often the case.

So it is in these leetle moments, dear people that resides God, where life is really lived~
Because every person matters,
No matter where they come from, no matter what their beliefs;
If a mere smile can light up anyone's world, then why not?